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Target groups

Target groups


Deploying online hotel marketing is based on clear goals: 

– More direct bookings 
– Higher occupancy 
– Better room rate 
– Paying less commission to known OTAs 
Through targeted campaigns, we help your hotel achieve these goals. 

In addition to these services, Netstar also has a strong advisory role: thanks to the vast array of knowledge and experience and the many collaborations with various partners, we are able to quickly come to the right advice for your hotel. 

Camp sites

Based on years of experience in the leisure & recreation market, Netstar knows how to reach the right target audience for your camp site. 

By deploying the right strategy, this will lead to higher occupancy and therefore higher sales, even outside the peak season. 

Our clients are assigned a dedicated campaign manager; with monthly reports and personal contact, we provide the right insight into your campaigns. 

Holiday parks

The holiday parks landscape is very diverse. This is precisely why it is very important to implement the right strategy. 

This starts with creating the right profile for your holiday park: who are we, and what sort of guests would we like to welcome at our park? 

From there, we get to work on a customised campaign strategy. 

Of course, sales and occupancy are the key indicators of campaign success. 

Direct contact

We know your target audience and how to appeal to them!

We currently work for over 1,300 accommodations spread across 22 countries. Our products and services are designed to generate more visibility and more direct bookings for your accommodation.

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