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Tripadvisor Ad Express

Now, Tripadvisor AdExpress helps you to use your accommodation to target anyone searching Tripadvisor for accommodation in your city or area..  Targeted advertisements can also help you to reach your target group when they are already at your destination.

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Display Marketing

A Display campaign brings your accommodation to the attention of a target group that may not yet be familiar with your accommodation. The ads are shown on the most relevant travel websites visited by your target audience. We provide the necessary advertising material. 

Remarketing Campaign

Make sure your accommodation stays top of mind with people who have already visited your website, by means of our tailor-made advertisements. As an official Google Partner, we display the ads on relevant and frequently used websites through the extensive Google Display Network. This keeps your accommodation in the spotlight during the potential guest's decision-making process. 

Google Ads Campaign

Netstar is an official partner of Google. With a Google Ads campaign we ensure that your accommodation is visible online via the Google search engine. With the help of relevant keywords, we ensure that your accommodation is visible to your target group. The goal of the Google Ads campaign is to bring potential guests to your website and thereby increase the number of bookings.

Social Media Campaign

Your accommodation promotions are featured on the most popular social media channels: Facebook and Instagram. We create a customised target audience and select the desired regions or countries where the ads will be shown. During the booking process, Social Media play an active role. 

Website Development & Management

The perfect website ensures optimal presentation of your accommodation. In addition, a good website ensures more visitors and therefore more bookings.

Google Analytics & Reports

We monitor website traffic using Google Analytics. This enables us to accurately map the website and campaign results in order to be able to fine-tune our media package to your accommodation. You will be kept regularly informed about this by means of reports.

Holiday Promotion Package

The Holiday Promotion Package shows your accommodation to the right target group. Your ads are displayed on the 40 largest news, weather and travel websites. We offer the Holiday Promotion Package for the Dutch, German, Belgian and French markets. Netstar takes full responsibility for the service: from formatting the ads to monthly reporting - at a fixed annual rate. 

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We currently work for over 1,300 accommodations spread across 22 countries. Our products and services are designed to generate more visibility and more direct bookings for your accommodation.

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